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rusty but trusty. In need of expert advice!

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I picked up an '88 2wd a few weeks ago. It needed a bad tune-up, but I got it home under its own power. I got it running good, it shifts good, it stops good. I thought I got a great deal on it seeing as I paid $250 and a case of beer, but when I pulled the bench and flooring I quickly realized what I had got myself into...It's pretty well rusted. What I need help on is deciding a) Is it worth fixing? and b) How do I go about fixing it if it is worth it? I'd love to 4x4 swap this truck as I see a lot of potential, but I can't see the sense in putting my time and money into it if it's too far gone. Thanks in advanced.







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As everyone has already stated, typical rust, as rust goes the floor is one of the easiest areas to repair. Inner and Outer rocker panels are a little more involved, while frame/uni-body rails are much harder & sometimes not really repairable except by a professional ( multiple layers of metal and specialized welding ). The nice thing about repairing a floor, it is not seen and only needs to be structurally sound and not cosmetically pretty!  

Use can buy floor pans to start and add metal to the transmission hump, where the floor pans stop or create your own patch panels from scratch, either way will work.

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