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2WD 88 Eliminator (ROCK FROG)

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Bought my first Comanche, which is the 27th Jeep I have bought and built. What I am planning on doing is cannibalizing my 98 Grand Truggy. Which I will be removing everything from the Truggy. Which leaves me the question of keep and fab-up the rear axle with coils or keep the leafs and go with revolver shackles or go leafs and rear sliders. This will be a daily driver hard core weekend wheeler. What's your thoughts.  

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Sliders and revolvers .... Not a fan personally. Just more gimmicky from my perspective. If you are going to go that far with leaves, then skip straight to coils, although you may be experimenting with rear coil rates for a bit. The Grand already has the linkage recipe and parts (although longer links would be a plus and you have the room).

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Just before the transformation

Fenders cut for TJ Flairs but not impressed with the final results. Oh well will think of something else later


Engine trans complete as 1 piece out  for sale

axles out bed off crazy how clean this truck is being over 28 years of age but is low mileage

A lot of work to go she will have coils on all 4 corners.  

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axles under front is hooked up rear kinda floating around.

all the wires are from the 98 truggy. just need to modify (hide and tuck)wiring fuse block power dist box PCM TCM and so on. that's why I have the dash out.


still feeling the love for my MJ

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Cleaned the Engine bay up before paint and after paint


after paint



Before I painted the Engine bay found the numbers 882 on the top right corner fire wall. Here is a picture does anyone know what they stand for.



Next for clean-up bed.

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Still tossing around the idea of coils on all 4 corners but than want to keep rear leafs to have the GVW.

going to 8.8 has anyone used Ranger leafs with 8.8? I guess no one can tell me what the 882 numbers on my fire wall stands for?

I will be going Long arm fronts. No update do to getting hammered by Mother Nature.

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Removed the bucket seats carpet and pad.  A little shocked first picture is of the drivers floor


This is the passenger side floor


not much progress but warmer weather and time changes just around the corner.

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 Well going to mix it up. Restoring the Eliminator back to stock (let me explain) body is going back to original. Going to show why Jeep made the Eliminator. It starts with the  3 Fs FIT FORM & FAST. Not sure on what small block I'm going with nor trans. I have been reading all these transformations of Eliminators becoming 4 wheel drives and I have built several jeeps in my recent past. But before Jeeps I had built a couple early 70s Pontiacs. last being a 72 GTO with a 455 SD TA motor in 1985. I think at the age of 52 its time to go fast again.    

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lost interest gained it back still building it into a 4wheel drive. sent the 4.0 out for machine work, block is bored 40 over. head ported and polished next on the grocery list is larger 4 hole injectors larger throttle body and header free flow cat system so it can breath. any engine builders out their with ideas on what would be best matched for the 4.7.



here she is in the new home.


Next will be working on transmission than T/case

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Nice build, looking forward to the finished project.

I picked up an 89 Eliminator with a 4.7 end of last year, haven't had the chance to really dig in yet. 

Let us know what you find out about the 4.7, any tricks or tips with any issues that come up.

. :MJ 1: .

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Engine and transmission are in there new home. Wiring harness engine transmission tcase is all from my Grand truggy. laying out the wiring its backwords from a MJ.

lined up a couple holes for the harness that was already in the firewall. had to cut a hole on the passenger side for the harness so I can mount the fuse box. The Battery box will be in the bed. When I have the new engine running I'm going to tackle the floor boards and interior. here is a picture of the engine in its place with the wiring.




This is what I'm going to do for a bed


This truck belonged to Fred Perry he ran the ultimate challenge in 2012 with a 1989 Jeep Comanche.

Here is the specs on Fred's MJ-715


Clemson Crawler
When you needed a pull on the trail, you didn't have to wait long for Warn reps Steve Schoenfelder and Fred Perry to lend a hand. Driving their custom-built Mini M-715 they even had the chance of demonstrating some of the excellent Warn product line as the first day of the trip would put a freshly built rig on its lid. Always the troopers and in true Warn fashion they knew to "Go Prepared" and got the rig righted and kept on wheeling.

The Down & Dirty
Owner: Fred Perry
Co-driver: Steve Schoenfelder

Representing: Warn
Stomping grounds: South Carolina
Vehicle: '89 Jeep MJ(715)
Engine: 4.0L
Transmission: Four-speed auto
Transfer case: NP231 with a Tera 2-low and Atlas short shift kit
Front axle: Rockcrusher high-pinion 60, 35-spline, Detroit Locker, 4.88 gears
Rear axle: Dana 60, 35-spline Alloy USA shafts, Detroit Locker, 4.88 gears
Steering: PSC hydraulic assist
Suspension: Custom Superlift long-arm front with leaves in the rear
Tires & Wheels: 37x12.50 BFG KM2 M-Ts on 17-inch Race Line Monster bead locks
Other Stuff: Warn front and rear bumpers, Warn 9.5XP winch, custom bed with Warn VTC compressor and aux tank, custom tire carrier
Built for: Rocks




​here are a couple links to Fred's 1989 MJ-715





<><  <><

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Was checking off my build list and I have accomplished a lot this weekend.

Be Cool 3 core alum radiator in place



Dual Electric fans installed


Front clip mocked up


Took the front clip back off and shot some rattle can gloss black


Engine is now running but needing to change out the injectors to feed the stroker and exhaust to allow it to BREATH.  Still working and routing the Grand Cherokees wiring harness. Swapping pigtails and sockets on the headlight and front markers harness to except head lights for the Comanche. The fuel tank which was in the Grand is on the shop floor wired and plumed and feeding the Stroker. Not sure if I will use the Comanche fuel tank fuel cell or use the Grands tank. Next I will be redoing the floors than making new brake lines than mount the brake booster and peddle.

My Daughter wants me to change the name from Rock Frog to Chuck. I think Chucky works. Remember the movie Chucky. It fits.        

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Stroker is up and running now with no ckeng lights on. Now have the stock tilt steering column wired to the 96 harness. I can now use the key to put power to the stroker.

working on turn signals, 4 ways, horn and wiper's. Also still needing to finnish the 242 tcase and than get the front and rear driveshafts made up. Undecided on fabbing up an all metal dash or put the Comanche interor back as it was. Using all the stock ZJ switches other than what's on my steering column. Also not going to use my shortbed going to build one. So bed tailgate taillights on the market.  

(Anyone else having issues with photobucket?)   

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Success I have most of the wiring completed. I can now start it with the key in the ignition switch. Have high and low beams right left turn signals with 4 ways. So much time wasted on getting the timing just right. By this time I should have been driving it on test runs. Calling for 72 degrees tomorrow than Saturday and Sunday lakeeffect snow and in the 30s. Gota love northwestern Indiana. Weather may hamper any further progress do to the fact I haven’t hooked the furnace up yet in the shop.     

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