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Stock 4.56 axle in 2.5?

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Front D30 would be a CAD axle, rear most likely a D35 some D44

Yea don't want the front just rear. Just trying to figure out if all stock XJs, MJs with 4.56 geared rear diffs were d44's for some reason or other? Never seen 2.5 auto MJ, have come across a couple XJs though and both had 4.56 d44's? Just wondering, guess I will find out tomorrow
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I grabbed a set of axles from a 2.5 auto XJ years ago. It was a D30/D35 combo with 4.56's.

Exactly what I was wondering, not what I wanted to hear obviously, oh well we will see tomorrow. Thanks

if its a 4 cyl AW4, it should be 4.56s, otherwise 4.10s. grab me the bell housing if its an AW4 4 cyl, Ill pay for it

Maybe someone can confirm this, but from my research all MJs from 87 to 92 with 2.5 auto had the aw4 with 4.56. If it's there I will try to help you out.
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I got my 30/35 4:56 geared axles put of a 84 2.5 auto XJ. Not all auto 4 bangers had 4:56s though

Yea, I knew prior to 87 on XJs and 86 MJs it is hit or miss with ratio, axles ,and trans but in 87 -89 fsm all that is listed that I can find is 4.56 ratio axles and AW4 behind the 2.5 with auto?
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