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New Member and Axle Issue (maybe)


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Hello everyone,


I just wanted to introduce myself. After searching for five years I finally found the perfect MJ, only had 120K miles. The owner said the engine was making knocking noise and was very loud. I brought it home and it turned out to be a really bad power steering pump. Replaced the pump, engine sounds great I drove it to work and home, parked it for two days. This morning I turned it on engine still sounds great. I put it in reverse and it would not move, slipped it into 1st and it would not move. E-brake is off, transmission shifts into all gears, transfer case shifts from 2H, 4H and 4L fine.

I decided to lift the rear end, I turned the wheels clock wise, both wheels turned same direction (limited slip axle) and counter clock wise both wheels turned. I dropped the truck back down and for $#!&s and giggles I attempted to drive it again, aaaaaand guess what??? It reversed fine and moved forward fine.  WTF? Should I be concerned??? Any ideas or comments are appreciated!!




Phoenix, AZ

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Noooo, When it happened that's what I first thought about, so I made sure it was on 2H. But it would not move. When I lifted the rear end I put everything on neutral. Dropped it back down put T-Case in 2H then everything was fine. 


Thanks for your comment.

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