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Anyone got a 91-95 2.5 PS bracket or pic?

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There is a 91 2.5 mj at the local JY . I can go take a pic tommorow provided it doesn't rain like it's forecasted . They have a minimum of $25 bucks if youre interested in having me pull it and ship it to you.



Thank you but I won't ask anyone to go out of their way.


I'm planning ahead.


I need to order the 91-95 intake and I want to make certain that the PS pump is also the belt tensioner. The late model intake has the PS pump fixed and uses an idler pulley as a tensioner.


My main concern is that the pulley lines up with the balance of the 88 accessories.


I'm really looking for info more than anything, that said, if anyone has one I'll be happy to buy it.



I need to get the 91-95 intake and plug/braze the injector holes as this will be used with TBI.

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My brackets have different number cast in them but look identical,everything is pulled back a little with the MPI setup but I think as far as the PS pump the difference is in pully depth.


I used a 95 PS bracket but only because I had one, it looks like the TBI bracket would work.

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I don't make an offer to go to the JY and say what a hassle it was , I offered lol. That being said , why don't you put the injectors in the newer intake and really screw with people ? They won't know if it's TBI or MPI . If you want me to check on a price for the intake I can .



Thanks, if you go that way and you want to stop anyway......LMK........thanks again.



Where the fuel rail is now.......using the mounts on the intake.......I plan on making up a steel pipe heater line and route what is now the line that heats the 88 intake. I also need to make up a fitting for the ECU temp sensor at the end of it where it will connect to the heater hose that runs to the valve. The late 2.5...as with the 4.0... has the heater line running on the distributor side of the engine and the ECU temp sender is on the stat housing, my Efan switch is in the stat housing and I want to leave it there.

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