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Engine Raceing

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Hey guys, thanks for all the help in "the pub" about posting from photo bucket, but still no luck. So I will wing it. My truck starts ok, but after a little bit of driving, the engine begins to race! I get to a stop sign push in the clutch and it revs like crazy! The throttle cable really doesn't seem to be sticking. There is this electronic device thing with a tiny plunger that the cable "rests" on when you let off the gas peddle. The plunger thing seems to move freely also. Any ideas on what I can do...or the name of this device in case I need to replace it?




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Mine does not work, has not worked since I owned the truck.


You can make it go away.......assuming yours runs well.......not necessary in my opinion.


Even with AC on, mine does not bog.


There is also an idle control switch on your PS pump pressure line that may be activating it.


Simply unplug the two and see what happens.

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