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Looking For New Leaf Springs

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Went for the Metric Tons from GeneralSprings, with the Military wrap. Very pleased, great fit and heavy duty. There's a thread on here you may want to do a search to get some more info.




Nice poser pic. Axle / springs look good.  :cheers: 

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At the time Hells Creek was not producing springs so wound up going to General Springs. I hear that HC is back in business and they make a 3" SUA lift spring. Let me know if your serious about the GS and I'll dig out the order. Maybe $160 per Spring plus $100 to ship. Guessing...they do offer a CC discount.


Thanks Don, kids gotta learn lol.

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General Spring has the 5 leaf (3/2), 1,700 Lb Load cap. $220 Plus Shipping Per Side. Works out to well over $500/pair.

  The Group Order was there for 5 Sets, Ordered and either Picked up or Shipped to 1 place.

     At least, this is what I get from the way the deal was written.


A Local Shop, 5 Leaf, Metric Ton w/ 2" extra lift, quoted $265 each.


There is a few other Shops nearby, all are about $500 for the pair, Plus Shipping. 


Checked with Rusty's, just carry Helpers.


The place I am thinking of, Quoted $350/pair. Plus Close enough to take the ride.

I just can't remember the Shops Name, or where it was.

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