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Not tackling anything. Late 86 pd so it's got the 4.0 firewall. Replacing doors, fenders, grille, hood. To put in 4.0, swap front inner fenders, front crossmember, and use 4.0 hood. Problem solved.


Swapping a complete harness and the fuel lines plus fuel tank requires 5 hours. Swapping the engine/trans is more or less 5 hours, plus whatever is in there for cleanup on floors and interior, and the 7 hours needed for body panel swap. Axles aren't hard either. Should be a straightforward swap, this is not my first 86.



Jeep driver, if you want the amc20, see what Rob says. I'm not going to give it away, though.

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Production date on driver door sticker reading 1986 instead of 1985.



And they are not anywhere near bolt in. Fab work and new hood necessary.


You have to swap both steel structural inner fenders, with core support, and front crossmember, plus hood. Then the entire engine and chassis wiring harness from front to back, fuel lines to 4.0 lines if you want it done right, and fuel pump/sender/tank.

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