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New To Here And Have A Request

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     Hello everyone.I just bought a 1990 in great shape.I am missing the jack and have a couple of questions.First : is it the same as a Cherokee? Second:could someone take a picture of it mounted behind the seat so I can use it as a reference?Also I've read the hints(thanks) and will follow the advice.Looks like a great forum and I look forward to the addiction and all that goes with it.


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Greetings - You're gonna like it here - lotsa help  - - Here's a jack pic & jack instruction pic:






Search is a good tool - - Search using Google for CC info is better/easier - Enter  SITE:COMANCHECLUB.COM & then whatever - fast & easy


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I've got the jack, except it's seized... and as a result about 400 miles away. It does, however, go under the axle tubes, which are the same on the MJ as the XJ. Don't really see them using a different jack between the Cherokee and Comanche when they don't really need to. But I might have a better replacement option for you than an XJ screw jack.


As to how it mounts, there's an elastic strap with a couple d-rings that go into hooks in the rear wall of the cab, behind the driver's seat. I've got an ancient little hydraulic bottle jack that I had mounted in that spot until I decided I needed more room behind the seats for storage. Now it lays on the floor under the passenger seat.

There's also a spot for the factory jack handle and tire iron, bit of a cloth hold-down strap they slide into IIRC. I replaced the stripped tire iron with a ratcheting breaker bar and 3/4 deep socket. The handle for the bottle jack is long gone, so I just pump it with the breaker bar handle.


I pulled all my emergency equipment out from behind the seats, so when I get around to putting it back it wouldn't be too big a deal to snap a pic or two of it in the factory spot. That is, the non-factory jacking stuff I've got in the locations for the factory stuff.

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