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Radiator Swap

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What year of comanche radiator open system can I replace the closed system in my 87 comanche with?


I replaced the rad in my 88 with the leftover from my 2000 Xj when I redid it's cooling system.


Currently I have the 2000 rad, a 92 coolant bottle and plan to use the 92 thermostat housing when I get the chance to swap the thermostat again. Ran both heater hoses direct to the Core using 5/8" bulk hose and some hose "directors" or whatever the real name is. The 2000 rad was a direct swap, a little tight to the airbox but not any kind of problem - just need to pull the airbox when undoing the forward clip.

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when i converted mine i used my factory 88 radiator because it was new. i spliced a radiator fill neck from a late 90s dakota truck[available at any parts store] into the upper hose and used a 13lb cap from a 88 jeep wrangler. removed all  the heater hose mess and used bulk hose to connect the heater core back up. bought a universal overflow bottle and mounted it near where the old coolant bottle was. works perfect and have actually done this on a 90 cherokee also. also a perfect time to back flush the heater core

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