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Cruiser . . . Cps . . ?

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You replied to an early Dec post of mine regarding my '87 Laredo 

that occassionally stops running (starts up again cold).  You suggested a 

possible crankcase position sensor.   Haven't gotten around to replacing it

because of location (in)accessability and early winter cold in Michigan.  

I noticed this pic on another post.  Might this be what it is?

Thanks,  Bruski


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Yes it is.


If you click on the link in my signature, you should find a post and hopefully it has a photo of the proper wire harness routing along with a mod for increasing the sensor's output, and proper testing procedures. . 


It's not fun to replace. 11mm bolt heads. 

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A 3/8" ratchet, a universal joint, and a looooong (like 3') extension will make it a lot easier to change.


^^  Take the time to run a bead of electricians tape around the universal joint and socket, especially if the plastic hole cover is MIA. Also stuff a rag into the hole. You do not want the socket and/or universal joint falling into the tranny. It's not fun retrieving it. Not at all.

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  • 3 months later...

Aggravating as a baby monkey on crack for the first 45 mins. I did not have 3' worth of extensions to work with. Had me wanting to cuss.

Once I got the bright idea of using the socket swivel (universal joint), the remaining 10 minutes had me wanting to cuss about not figuring out to use the swivel before then.

Rev. Toid

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