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Engine Stall With High G Force

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Lately I've noticed that my engine seems to cut out when i take a turn at high speed. I haven't taken it on an off ramp of a highway yet, I'm too afraid it'll stall. Any ideas what it could be?

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Comanches aren't a Corvette or a Ferrari... what kind of high-speed turns are you doing? Engine? Details?

News to me.. haha


Sounds like there isn't enough fuel getting into the engine. When's the last time you did a tune up and cleaned the fuel injectors? Is your fuel tank low when making those turns? How long do you have to be pulling one of those high G turns before your engine quits?

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This thread makes me sense another comanche ending up in a salvage yard...

I disagree. Assuming it's done safely, donuts and the like aren't a bad way to learn to deal with skids.



There is a reason most NASCAR drivers come from the South: they grew up driving pickup trucks sideways on muddy dirt roads.  :yes:


I think some level of this should be taught in Driver's Ed, or that at least there should be insurance discounts for drivers successfully completing a high-performance driving instruction course.

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