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Jeep parts,Roll bar,gauge clusters,tail gate, etc VA 22642


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Cleaning out the garage/yard. I’m located in Linden VA 22642. Shoot me a PM with an e-mail address for pictures or additional info.


• Gauge Clusters with gauges and the big fuel gauge ($15 each)

• Gauge Cluster with gauges and tachometer of 1996 XJ ($20)

• XJ 2” receiver hitch ($50)

• MJ 2” receiver hitch ($50)

• Dana 30 TJ shafts ($75 pair)

• Dana 35 axle shafts (XJ) ($30 pair)

• Radiator off 1988 XJ ($30)

• MJ Long Bed Truck Cap ($75)

• MJ Cab Vents ($20)

• XJ front seat bases. ($40 for the pair)

• XJ tail lights-$20

• Tan center counsel with cup holders.- $25

• AW4 automatic transmission- $125







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Would be interested in the tow hooks & brackets,does it include the bolts & nuts? Also the MJ receiver hitch to 30360 best way.



I would like to avoid shipping anything that can't fit in a flat rate box this go around. I can include the factory nuts and bolts with the hooks. However, the factory bolts are torques heads and I would not recommend reusing them. $50 for hooks and brackets shipped.

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