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good deal? (different)

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Local scrapyard has two dana 44s for sale front and rear in good working condition. They want 75 a piece, the front comes with fully functioning manual locking hubs, tested them myself, as well as what looks like HD diff covers.


what do you guys think?

if at any point i was to swap to a 44 what has to be done to the truck to make such a conversion?


thanks for all your help.

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what do you guys think?.

Sell that front to me jamminz.gif


That's a great deal if they come geared the same and aren't rusted out too bad. Might have to redo the brakes but thats not too terribly expensive. As far as putting them on your truck, you would just have to get the mounts welded on in the right place and possibly new(or cut) driveshafts.


I would buy a front 44 for that price anyday.

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Your not going to beat the price. Get them both. If you don't want them sell them or use for trading material. If your not to far away I'd give ya $200 for both of them. Why can't people put their location in their post or profile?

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sweet, sounds like I might have a binding war on my hands. They are located at Clark scrapiron, in Murfreesboro, TN (middle TN).


Just to let you know these are at a scrap yard not an auto salvage. I rolled them around a bit and they seem to be in pretty good shape, even the locking hubs engaged smoothly and easily. However it still bugs me why someone would take a perfectly good pair of 44s (abiet, worn) to a scrap yard. :dunno:


but if its good enough for you guys it is certainly good enough for me.

thanks for the reassurance.

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what are they out of?




Doesn't matter how good of deal they are if you can't use them. All D44s are not the same.


Depending on what they came out of, the front could have a passenger side or driver side diff. If its a passenegr side diff, it won't adapt to the MJ without also changing to a passenger drop transfer case. But for that price, Id get them anyways and re sell the front if you can't use it. You could easilly double your money or better selling to the right person.

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sorry charlie can't help you there. axles only no vehicle in sight


Then it's sorry Charlie right back at 'cha. We can't make an educated decision if we aren't presented with the right information. For all we know, you are buying Waggy D44's, which normally come with some bring the suck gears, and will be $500-ish per axle to regear. Either take the steps and ask the questions of the seller, or you are going to end up with some huge paperweights.


What is your end goal with your truck anyway that you need axles so big?



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