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Something we'd never think of....but someone did.

Comanche County

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That Chevy kicks butt!


Here's a couple others, I think are awesome.




I'm going to stop now, but that flattie actually looks fairly straight if you don't pay any attention to the camper remnants on top of it. :rotf:


I did the snow plow like that, but flipped the doors backwards. Also made tow behind sleds out of various car hoods.

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Here's a couple of starters.....doesn't have to be Jeep related....keep it going!








My god... Is that yellow one going to sprout wings and fly? What could he be preparing for?


And while we are doing the pickup mods, I own a 928 and I always hated when people did this to them... but hey, to each their own... :thwak:



And then this disgusting example of a modified vehicle.


Every time I see that 928, I want to run it over and put it out of its misery. :doh:

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