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mounting warn m8274 winch

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You'll need to make a fairly large plate for it to mount to, since it is large, and it mounts on the front (doubles to mount the fairlead).


Not specific to a MJ/XJ, but this is how I built a bumper that would mount one for my GMC thing.


Image Not Found


I had a piece of 3/8" mild bent to make the angle, since the dimensions of it wind up being the same as 3x10 angle, IIRC, which is hard to find. I milled the hole for the cable to pass through (angle grinder would do), and used the mill to drill the mounting holes for the winch's feet. Then I welded two pieces of 1/2" plate to the sides that attach to the frame rails (same idea on a MJ), and put the shackle holes through them.


Finished product wound up something like this:


Image Not Found


On a MJ/XJ I'd mount it as far back as possible, cut out the header panel as needed, and if you rake the winch forwards a bit (like I did on this one) you won't have to butcher the header panel as much. Otherwise it will stick out like crazy.

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Yeah... they're kinda tricky to make them fit right. I was in the same boat as I found one for real cheap. I ended up cutting the header and grill to make everything fit as tight as possible:





It's really the winch that's the reason that I'd love a good enough excuse to make a new set of bumpers for this truck. The 8274 is a big unit and even when trying to make it disappear it seems to take up the whole front end. I'd say on the front of a Wrangler, they look right at home... not so much an MJ. On a side note, I'd also like a different winch because my old shop was broken into a couple years ago and one of the items that went missing was my recovery bag with the winch controler in it... haven't found one yet.

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be mindful of blocking the radiator. I've read about people having cooling issues with the big winch in the way.


yeahthat.gif I agree completely. On mine, I wanted to mount it as low as possible just for that reason. Food for thought... eat it up.

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