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Preferred Mufflers

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Well as the topic says I am asking opinions on which muffler to choose. The engine is the straight six and I have no intention of making dual pipes after the header and catalytic converter (I'm sticking with the stock on both). In the threads I have seen here, most go with a Flowmaster 40. My questions is, without sounding like a japanese fart can, which muffler will give the deep, throaty roar I'm looking for? Also if anyone has any videos of the sound of their mufflers (I've seen at least one around here) and could either post or post the link, it would be most appreciated.

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How about straight header for that nice rumbly V8 sound?




This was a just a test; I ended up using a Flowmaster Super 40. I'm pretty happy with it.


That sounds beastly haha! I wish I could but I can't afford a ticket :ack:

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regular steel pipe... however , i cut the down turned end of the pipe ( this is on my xj ) and put a straight piece on , believe it or not , it when from sounding lousey, to a sound i'm pretty happy with ! i will try welded thrush on my 2.5 mj when that finally needs replacing ! comanche.gif :banana:

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