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Flatbed MJs.

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Id like to see more pics of what you guys have seen before. I would like to built a flatbed for the plow MJ.


Expanded metal :wall:


I don't like expanded metal. (i.e. diamond mesh) Sucks to weld, isnt cheap, and if you use for a trailer, flatbed, whatever, all the road grime comes right up through the stuff so your gear does not stay very protected.

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no such thing as a "factory" dually MJ. far as we can tell they were fabbed up by an aftermarket company. but we still don't have an owner here to confirm the details.

and they came with regular beds:




plus anyone can convert their to dual wheel using a kit. :thumbsup:



my favorite dually:


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I threw this together in a day and about $70 worth of lumber until I decide whether or not to get new bedsides on the original bed. 64 inches wide, 8 ft long, perfect for hauling firewood, motorcycles or atvs. here's another one from another member below.



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