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Random funny story


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I don't know why,

but after reading this, I thought it would fit in well here, lol

(I was reading up on raising goats)


http://www.survivalblog.com/2007/05/fou ... goats.html:

A few things we've tried to warn first-time goat buyers about. All goats are social animals, they do not do well if raised alone. Always have at least a pair, unless you plan on keeping the goat with some other farm animal, e.g. a horse, donkey, etc. And, don't assume any goat will get along with any other animal (goat, horse, etc.). Like many living things, each can have a distinct and unique personality.


Raising your own - means birthing, kid feeding -by you or the mother, and having a buck or two around. Buck goats can be absolutely miserable!. When they get feeling romantic, they emit a grease from various parts of their bodies that can be smelled a mile away on a damp day. It will get on your clothes and make you want to burn them. The bucks will also be somewhat possessive of "their" females during parts of the year when they are dating. With some goat breeds, this can be twice a year - and with some others - once.


The last kid sale we made - before ceasing sales to the public went as follows.

A very nice, suburban sophisticated woman from central Maine contacted me. She wanted to buy six buck goats kids. That surprised us - since usually - buck kids are unwanted and get sold for meat at the local animal auction. After speaking to the woman, I learned that she had no goat experience, but . . . had read several books and had a plan. She lived in a suburban area with five acres of land. She wanted goats for keeping brush down on her land - instead of mowing it. Her plan was - to get five bucks - since they are cheaper to buy then does. In fact, at our farm we'd often give buck kids away for free is we thought someone would raise them - instead of them going to slaughter. This Maine woman figured - that since there'd be no female goats in her area to arouse these males - she'd not suffer any of the negative things that horny buck goats are known for. Well - six months later, she called me from Maine. I'm in New York. She was in a panic. Ends up, these "adaptive" young bucks - worked around the absence of females - by getting "aroused" with each other. She told me they all stunk so bad she couldn't get near them, and they were "mounting" each other, all day, every day, and it had been going on for a week. Since she was in a suburban area, she had many shocked and complaining neighbors. She offered to pay me - to drive to Maine and take them all back. Call me a bad guy, but I did not do it. She was furious with me and my wife - even though we had warned her previously. She even threatened to sue us - for exactly what - I don't know. Breach of Goat? Anyway, that was it - we quit selling. At that time, the state of New York was getting ready to pass legislation that was going to make selling goats and lambs across state lines very complicated - so the event with the woman from Maine was all it took to put us over the edge.


:doh: :rotf:


Sorry if that offends anyone, I just had to share. :rotfl2:


The rest of the page & links are pretty interesting too,

but not as funny. :D

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I've had goats before, and the billy's can be very mean, definitely don't want to have them around. Those suckers will ram into ya outta spite.

According to one site I was reading,

some dairy goat farmers drown the bucks at birth.


They consume valuable milk/resources without adding anything of value to the farmer.

For a small farm it seems like the best bet is hybrid milk/meat goats.

Keep the females for milk/resale

Raise the males just long enough to harvest meat.


I'm not sure I could kill something I raised from birth

But I would like to try some goat jerky

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I'm not sure I could kill something I raised from birth

But I would like to try some goat jerky


It's amazing jamminz.gif




I was at a chili cook off, and someone had made goat meat chili... Tastes like piss. Literally. Someone had told me that that's just the way goat meat tastes. Needless to say, they didn't get my vote.


Rob :ack:

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I've had some greek dishes that had goat in them... It didn't have any sort of funny flavor.. but that might have been related to the preparation of it or the spicing of it. The food was pretty good.


I thought about getting a goat to eat all the crap in my backyard and annoy the poop out of my neighbors idiot dog.

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I wish I had a couple in summer to clear away all the Mexican Bamboo (Chinese boxwood) we have at our cabin and along the roadway in. Don't know if they would eat it, but it's not supposed to be poisonous.

One of the articles I read today said that goats would eat bamboo.


As far as goat meat, I thought it tasted close to lamb.

(lamb is very good in spaghetti sauce)


Funny that goat chili was mentioned,

that's also of the things I would want to make.


Goat jerky came to mind, since the meat is supposed to be so lean.


There's different breeds of goat,

I wonder if some taste less like piss than others.

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I'd rather eat eat New York sewer rats basted with linseed oil and snuffleupagus snot roasted over railroad ties.....


Sorry touched a nerve, ate too many goats and geese and drank too much milk straight from the cow growing up. Though I'm actually in the goat market to keep our 5 acres down, just can't afford the fencing for em.....and milk from the cow ain't that bad really. :smart:

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