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96 xj brake booster in my mj?

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Well my buddy acquired a 96 xj. he decided he would part it out because its 2wd and isnt worth all thats needed to be fixed up on it. He asked if i needed any parts so I looked it over and noticed it had the dual diaphragm booster(I'm guessing, its larger than mine) my question is how hard will this be to adapt in my MJ. its an 88. Will i have to change or modify the rod? I know the wj boosters need some clearance on the firewall. What about the lines going to the proportioning valve? will they bolt up or will I have to bend some new lines.

Also the jeep is equipped with an electric fan, will this bolt into my mj? i will wire it on a toggle switch so I am not worried about the wiring


thanks for the help guys

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the link is for using a wj booster.

From what I've read, '95 & '96 don't require any modification other than new lines to the block. Make sure you get the aluminum spacer, it's between the foam seal and the booster. I have a '95 one awaiting install.


The XJ fan should fit.

thanks :wrench:

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I put a 96 booster in my turd a couple years ago. Its mostly plug and play as in it will bolt in and everything will line up. You will need to make new brake lines from the master cylinder to the proportioning valve and then address the brake switch. U can modify the rod to accept your current brake switch but i chose to run the 96 brake light switch. I swapped out the pedal assemble b/c mine (87) didnt have the provision for the switch already. Either way its very simple. Look up the brake light switch for a 1987 comanche and then look at one for a 1996 cherokee and you will see the difference.

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