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Just Hitched!


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I am glad to say I have married the woman of my dreams. She has been my rock for the better part of the last three years. She has been close to my side on countless road trips to get various Jeeps and stereo gear which I am grateful for. She has my wants and needs pegged since she bought me that amazing black Craftsman 2 piece tool box a couple years ago and that Cherokee donor last Christmas. I can't even think how to make that up to her!! The wedding was awesome, I drove the Grand Prix GTP and had a special sticker on it and the previous Grand Prix for the last 15 years. It said "Never Satisfied". I had a good idea and had the sticker changed to "Just Married". We got pictures of the car and us after we got married and I can't wait to see them.



I could go on forever on this subject, I guess that's why I married her! :bowdown:


Here is a picture that she made on MS Paint in my signature.

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