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Opinions Of These?

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I have the money and somebody to help me with my lift now, so I've decided to go 4.5". Can I get opinions on these 2 kits? I see the add a leaf in motion and spring pack in rustys. Rusty's has brake lines but no swaybar end links or bump stops. Motion has a good warranty. Thanks guys :thumbsup:


http://rustysoffroad.com/mm5/merchant.m ... sus_xj_kit


http://motionoffroad.com/catalog/index. ... ts_id=1765

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There's not that many lifts on the market. These are some of the most complete that I've found. I assumed these better than rough country.



Off the top of my head, better companies with better kits:


Rubicon express




I'll come up with more, but I'm currently at work under a junk Chevy.



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I had been planning motion offorad. They're one of the only companies that carries the lift. I didn't think I would need this. It's an extra $600.


http://motionoffroad.com/catalog/index. ... cts_id=208



hey that kit has the style track bar you'd want and adjustable lower control arms. i have no clue about the rest of the kit as ive havent heard of anyone running it. at least you'd have reviews to share if you bought it.

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Besides both being incomplete so the true cost is hidden....


Motion uses AAL and shackles for the rear...They might as well throw in some lift blocks for the trifecta of cheaply done lifts...


Rusty's at least uses a leaf pack...


Hmm... that parts list on the Motion parts sure matches up to the Rough Country one pretty close. Wonder if that is who he is using these days and repackaging their stuff.



At the end of the day... neither of them is the right answer.. Both are incomplete, loaded with bottom end quality parts...

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Rusty's is complete garbage and their products have been known to fail and cause accidents at speed. There was a guy in a mildly built Rubicon that had the welds on the trac-bar fail while he was on the highway. They make really poor quality products so again, lift it correctly or don't do it at all. You get what you pay for



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I would use hellcreek's lift kit. More likely then not you have a sagging leaf pack and will need to go to a full pack any ways. Or you could just do a SOA with your current springs out back and RC or better up front. Here's a link to hellcreeks kit



Btw what do you plan on using your truck for?



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Doesnt Hell Creek use Rough Coutry componets? I know they make their own leafs, but what about the other stuff?


Yeah but if you order "there" lift it is cheaper then getting new full leaf pack and a RC 4.5" lift.


OP if you want to go with a 4.5" kit there are some things that you might want to look into getting on top of what most of the "kits" come with.


Longer front brake lines

Adj track bar

Adj upper contol arms (just because you might want to go higher and your bushings are probaly worn any ways)

Longer bump stops


There are two things I would do if I were you. Either buy a full kit from hellcreek using the CC discount or do a SOA in the rear and peace together the front half of the kit. It's your opinion on It tho.


Hope I was a help and good luck with what ever you do comanche.gif



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