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the 2 inch lift for cheap..?

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so ive herd u guys talkin bout the spacers and drop shackles.

is there a certain type of spacer thats better than another??

and certain year of chevy??

do you need new shocks if u do this??


I'm only 16 so I'm not rele smart as u all..can someone explain how a DROP shackle LIFTS?? haha sorry if thats a dumbb question. :rotf:

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a puck or coil spacer is a spacer put between the front coil spring and the frame. as for the shackles it is just a longer shackle however it will wear your leaf springs faster.


I would get some coil springs from a V8 ZJ 1997 grand cherokee 4x4. you would gain about 2 inches lift and would go through the same steps as installing spacers. you can get moog brand from advance auto parts for about $80, i have variable rate springs and they smoothed the ride out a lot.


i don't know much about shackle lift but you can get add a leaf lift kits for about $100 or so.

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I picked these up for $60 +shipping and they worked just fine for lifting the rear:




Between the shackles above and add-a-leaf spring packs I pulled out of my 86 MJ, I have almost 4" of rear lift on my 87. When you get above 2" of lift, you will have to start thinking about new shocks.

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The way to know what amount of lift a set of shackles is going to give, is to measure from eye hole to eye hole on your stock shackles. Measure eye to eye on the new ones, and subtract the difference. Take that number and divide by 2, and that is the amount of lift you will get.


Example: Your stock shackles measure 4" E. to E.

Your new ones measure 6".

Difference = 2".

divide by 2 and you get 1" of lift.


I generally don't recommend more than 1" of shackle lift, as you get into handling issues. Long shackles allow lateral movement. (read road wander) The kind of movement a track bar normally eliminates. You can run a track bar with leaf springs, but it really hampers your travel.


If you do run long shackles, it is best to get some with the center bar that is welded. It helps with the sideways movement. They are like the letter "H". I have boomerang shackles on my rock buggy, and like them a lot.

Anyone try them on an MJ?

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drop shackles for a chevy what? s10? what year also? and 4wd or 2wd? sorry if thats to much 



there's quite ayear range that will work, but I do believe you can just ask for a late 90s fullsize chevy truck drop shackle.  don't think it matters 2wd or 4.

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The Chevys run an inverted shackle in the rear where the spring rides above the shackle, as opposed to our trucks which have the shackle above the spring, thats why a shackle that drops a Chevy will lift an MJ. Just FYI. I made a set for mine from stock Chevy shackles and got about 1 1/2 ".... I didnt want to go too tall, just enough to match my 4wd conversion springs up front with an extra spring isolator, for about 1 1/2". Make sure you do an alignment after youre done as your steering toe will be off and your caster will have changed as well. Make sure whoever does your alignment to adjust both of those, if you don't specify, many places will just do the toe only. Good luck.

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