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Long wheel bed to short bed has it ever been done

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You can switch the cab. All you have to do is strip it. cut a couple hundred spot welds, switch cabs, carefully realign everything back up and weld away. Or you could just swap dash's. You can swap the bed. Bed's made out of metal. Metal can be cut and welded. You know your skills better than anyone here.

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Its not legal, but you could, as was said, swap the dashboard, and the driver door with the VIN sticker, and tell the state it was like that all along. Then youd have a shortbed with a title. I'm not sure how strict the state is where youre at as far as checking vehicles over when getting plates, but it is a possibility. The other option are like was said, bob the bed... which takes a lot of fab skill and bodywork experience, or shorten the rear subframe to match that of a SWB and install a shortbed.... this would take even more fab skills than the bob job, but it has been done. Good luck.


EDIT: I just now saw that youre in NC. All your vehicle gets is a safety inspection. As long as the old title is already in NC, and you get it put in your name, other than the safety and tampering inspection, you should be fine as for switching the dash. I don't see anyone questioning it as it is still a Comanche. The only thing would be the difference in emmisions equipment between the model years that needs to be reported when doing an inspection. If you have a buddy that is an inspector, then you shouldnt have a problem getting it through.

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My '87 was never inspected in NC :clapping: . I moved to this state, registered it, and had the 1 yr "grace" period to get it inspected. The well thought out inspection/registration system was supposed to block registration if I didn't have a current inspection. I tried it and the renewal went right through so I never bothered getting it inspected. If there are no stickers and a valid registration constitutes proof of inspection then it must have been inspected, right?

On the flip side they gave me a devil of a time with the '90. It had been in NC it's entire life and hadn't moved in a year or so when I got it. I couldn't register it without having a valid inspection and I couldn't get it inspected without a valid registration. :???:

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