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What color is this?

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I'm trying to figure out what color my Comanche is, and I have no idea where to begin. I want to paint some of the steering linkage body color, but can't find the right color. That may have something to do with my partial colorblindness :fs1: but we can just call it difficult. I've looked at almost every variation of olive drab trying to find this. Safety green, John Deere green, they all look just about the same to me, so maybe you guys can help. Here's a pic.

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The color of that picture can vary based on sunlight, exposure settings, camera lens quality, and obviously user's screen settings on their computers.... :typing: I agree with the bring it to sherwin williams or other large paint store. Even home depot should be able to color match it :cheers:


But, to answer your question I would say somewhere between John Deere Green, and Safety Green. For sure not Olive Drab because Olive Drab is almost always a Matte finish, and why would someone throw a clearcoat over it? anyhow, good luck with your matching!

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