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1990 2.5L Gauge cluster swap options?

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Hey all,

Ive been thinking about doing a gauge cluster swap. I did a search and did not find specific info on doing this swap on a 2.5L. I need to know which years will work, and does it matter whether its a 4cyl, or 6cyl? I'm looking for the easiest "plug and play" option, but want rid of the idiot lights.


p.s.- Someone should do a DIY, and have a good list of what works, and what doesn't.

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A couple days ago I swapped a instrument cluster from a '89 4.0 into my '87 2.5. Works great.

All clusters from '84 thru '90 will swap. '87-'89 are direct swap. Later ones will also swap but there's more to them. Speedometer cable hook ups are different, Either swap the cable or the speedo. And the oil-temp sending units. Tach seems to be OK but I'm going to check it against another one some day.

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Yes, the '90 cluster has the adjustable tach.



Can you elaborate? I have the 2.5 and someone swapped the cluster and I think the tack is off. What to look for?

:idea: Hook up a hand-held tach and compare readings ( Adjust potentameter as required ) to state the obvious :hmm:

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I think he means to ask where is the potentiometer located on the (back?) of the cluster?


Also...anybody confirm that a 90 XJ will have the same speedo cable hookup as a 90 MJ?


Yes the speedo hook-up is the same . Easiest access to adjust the tach is by removing the speedo from the cluster , you can then access the adjuster screw with the engine/tach running easily :wrench:

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Can some one please post a pic of the backside of an instrument cluster with the tach adjuster indicated? Also what years had them and which didn't? I have removed IC from '84 to '89 and '93,'94,98 and '01 and I didn't see a tach adjuster on any of them. I also have the FSM for 1986, 1989 and 1993-94 XJ-MJ and there is no reference to tach adjustment.

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