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3 Point Towing Mirror... Opinions?

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Call me crazy, but I like this type of mirror a lot. :D Especially since I can pick up 2 of these for about $35 at my local auto parts store. It's a universal fit, and would require I drill holes into points in my door to keep the mirror bolted down.



I have a few simple questions (depending on how you look at them I suppose).


For those of you that have the third type of mirror on your MJ (right setup) how do you like that type of mirror as opposed to the "standard" type of mirror (first setup) usually found on our trucks? (Thanks go to FiatSlug for the nice mirror types picture :bowdown: :cheers: )


I've heard people say that the "Towing" type of mirror tends to shake around excessively at higher speeds, and can be a PITA to deal with.. :hmm:


Other than it's obvious use for towing (which I will probably have to do a good amount of in the near future) are there any other major cons? IE: Premature rusting in the door from the holes drilled out to mount this flag type of mirror, etc? And, as far as replacing my current setup; (first setup on 2nd picture) since the mirror sits snug against the door preventing water from coming in, is there a part or piece off the old setup I can leave there to keep H20 from getting inside?

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When you remove the corner mirrors, you should plug the corners up with the triangular trim pieces that are designed for that. Trying to rig something will most likely be ugly and leaky. I also like the towing mirrors look but be sure to get ones that are proportionate to the MJ. Some of those sets are made for full size trucks and can make your truck look like Dumbo.

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I found my towing mirrors to be annoying, took them off, and replaced them with (non spring) conventional mirrors. I couldn't comfortably put my arm out the window and yes, they did vibrate around some at speed. If you want the OE MJ towing mirrors & brackets I think I still have them in the basement. Shoot me a PM.

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I didn't read the whole title ...Opinions?


Personal opinion...Pro: good line of sight coverage Con: Fu-uhgly, tree bait, trailer park, they belong on a 65 Ford truck...in Oklahoma. Personal opinon!!


No direct criticism of any person, place or thing in Oklahoma. I know it's beautiful there!!

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