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Alternator relocation question ???

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Should be able to find one in the junk yard. The 2.5 and 4.0 are identical. If you can't find one , let me know I've got a couple. I'm not sure but I believe the V8's would also fit as the compressors are generally the same and it will just bolt onto the mounting adapter.

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Take a moment and Google the YJ 4L set up......I do not have a pic but my YJ alt (HO 4L) is (when viewed from the front) on the upper left hand side of the motor.....same spot as the AC or idler pulley in my XJ's.......better spot IMHO if you do not have AC......easier to work on and keeps it out of the water when you decide to take a swim

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If you get this idler set up (off a 2000 wrangler no air) ....i think you will get the result you want.



But you will probably have to get the same era belt yours will not fit...............


But there are more ways than this to do what you want......if you can look back at old 4.2.s they had the Alt up high on the left

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