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AMC key blanks

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Well, had them make replacement keys with RA3 and RA4 blanks. The door lock keys worked, but he made one for the ignition and it didn't work. I'm wondering if its just because the original is so old and worn out that a copy can't be made correctly to fit in the ignition, which also could be worn out after 23 years? Any thought?

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I think they also tried copies of B46 blanks for my ignition and those didn't work either. I believe that is standard for a GM car to take the B46.


EDIT: This site lists the B46 as equiv. to the RA5... :dunno:


I read those codes off the keys I've been using to drive my '88 Cherokee for 23 years. I had copies made when I bought the Cherokee new and I put the originals away so I would always have a fresh template for making duplicates.


Those ARE the numbers. If a B46 didn't work, you need to find someone who knows how to use a key cutting machine.

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