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opinions, 33's or 35's with 6.5" lift? and what tires?

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I need opinions on determining what size tires to get.


I have a swb 4x4

--This is how the suspension will be set up when ready...

-SOA Rear stock leaf packs

-1" lift shackle

-6.5" coils front

-Rock krawler long arms


here are my thoughts on the matter


-As far as i know i have stock gearing for now, but it is 5 speed. i don't want to lose all my drivability. i do plan to regear just not right away.

-I don't have trimmed fenders now, but i might when i get aftermarket flares (go beserk flares)

-I do want to run it on the road/ highway

-I don't want to buy 33" tires and wish i had gotten 35's

-I run alot of mud and trails, so a couple more inches does help.


Then i need to choose between these different tires.


-Baja claws, i had bad expierence with them on highways (shaking)

-MTR Kevlars, Great for trails but idk about mud, don't seem agressive enough

-BFG Km2, They run small, wear fast, and ive seen the sidewalls don't take abuse well.

-General grabber, i really want these but noone knows how they are in mud, snow, etc.


I would like any input on the subject,



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It all comes down to how much trimming you want to do. I'm building a low COG Comanche and am going 4.5" on 37's, but I'm not afraid to trim. I had a Cherokee on 8" lift on 36's and could easily go down to 6" lift without rubbing at full flex, but I trimmed the hell out of that Jeep (I can attach a picture if wanted but the rear is completely different).

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I used to run 33s, now run 35s. The 35s are causing all kinds of trouble with the front axle, and don't fit nearly as well as the 33s did. I think the 33s will work best for you.


I myself run Maxxis Buckshot Mudders, and have been very happy with them. Some of my friends run the MTR/Kevlars and KM2s. Having seen them in action if I had to pick between those two I'd go with the KM2s. No exprience with the Baja Claws or General Grabbers (assuming you mean the MT, not the AT).

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I ran KM2s in a 33 inch size. I liked how they worked, but I did tear a sidewall outa one. I stepped up to MTR/K, 35/12.50, and I loved them. I did lots of snow wheeling and rock running. No mud for this guy..


If I had to choose, I would pick the mtr/k. Also have seen Pitbull Rocker radials work great also.

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Great guys thanks,

So I'm leaning towards 33" grabbers


Keep the opinions coming! anyone have pics of a manche with grabbers?


This is the best pic I could find of a guy on here with his 86 MJ no lift on 31's



Hope that helped :thumbsup:



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Well it is a red mj with grabbers.

And yes I've heard good things about pitbull rockers but they don't seem as good as they should be for such an aggressive tire. And idk about road manners. I'm thinking 33" grabbers or mtr kevlars. But I don't know.

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