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  1. That's good thanks. It sounds like I defintley want less then 4. Or at least 3.75.
  2. I need some advice I am putting 35 12.50 15 tires on my swb mj with 6.5 lift and long arms. Probably pitbull rocker radials maybe km2's or mtr kevlars. I am going to use 15x 10 rims what's a good offset and backspacing too keep the wheels out where they should be Please show me pics of yours for reference if you have them Thanks!
  3. Everything measures up and the welds aren't factory. Looks like they started off right then said f it.
  4. Cool i was wondering if anyone on here saw it on ebay before i got it, it is a very good start to what i wanna do with it, and darn solid too. Very soon here I'm gonna order the long arms, coils, discos, front shocks, etc. now that i have the rear pretty much where i want it, then the wheels and tires.
  5. Also got my bilstein 5100's for the rear. And my universal shock mounts and 4degree shims thanks to motionoffroad.
  6. Got the parts for my exhaust in. Flowmaster 10 series. No cat. Here is a video but I don't know if it will work on here...
  7. Its too bad the one I got seems to be for a lwb. Of course I have a swb.
  8. I live near binghamton ny. Just on the north eastern border of pa. I'm getting a roll bar tomarrow and if I don't like it in my mj ill let you know.
  9. Answer found. Napa ordered them new for me. $7 a piece. :clapping:
  10. Took my little girl (Shelby) out for some "before" shots of the flex at our home trail. At one point when turning around and using the clutch alot she said "I smell cat poopy" Haha thought that was funny so ide share it.
  11. Well it is a red mj with grabbers. And yes I've heard good things about pitbull rockers but they don't seem as good as they should be for such an aggressive tire. And idk about road manners. I'm thinking 33" grabbers or mtr kevlars. But I don't know.
  12. Great guys thanks, So I'm leaning towards 33" grabbers Keep the opinions coming! anyone have pics of a manche with grabbers?
  13. Perfect guys This is exactly the feedback ive been looking for. Keep it coming! and yes i was talking about the new grabber MT with red lettering
  14. Nice MJ Thanks for attaching the pic with the info it helps alot to SEE the fitment, i will be upgrading axles but by that time I'm sure ill be ready for new tires again anyhow.
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