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Bench out... Buckets in...


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We got some bucket seats for it...although they are red, but we will be putting some covers on them. I couldn't beat the price and they are in pretty good shape.


Just washed and drying in the sun... (gotta love Florida - 80 degrees)




So we ripped out the old bench...






Threw in some new seat belts while we were at it...





Then installed the buckets...




Once they are dry, we will cover them with a nice cover that matches the interior color ;) A full length center console is also in the works.

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I just bought a set of seatbelts just like those. Havent installed them yet but what do you think of them?
I haven't actually used them yet, but the install was easy and they seem to be good quality. I am still waiting for the seats to dry out so I can sit in them ;) . The only part that was a bit of a pain was the buckle ends in the floor. The original bolts are too short to go through and hold them, but I only found that out when I stripped out the first couple threads in the floor trying to put it in. The bolts that they send with the belts worked fine though.


I bought the belts and mirrors from this guy on eBay.


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hmm everyone seems to be wanting buckets..

i took my buckets out for a bench.. lol am i :nuts: ?


My dad loved his MJ bench. He was mad I threw it away, he wanted to put it in one of his XJs.


So, what did those red seats come out of?

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