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Few months back I picked up some tail light guards for the ZJ off CL. They needed some paint, so I sanded them down, then hit them with some grey primer and some black satin. Finally got a chance to paint them and today I put them on. I am not a big fan of the way they mount, since it puts the "arms" they attach with in such close quarters with the paint. I put some 3M molding tape in between the body and guard tab, but they still cut it close to the hatch... I don't know if the look of them outweighs the way they mount. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure:












Keep 'em or ditch 'em?

Rob :dunno:

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I can see a brush-guard serving a purpose. All I can see these doing is catching an article of clothing when you are walking around the car.


You did a nice job with getting them back up to snuff though.

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