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Early Dakota Bed Rails

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An early member of NAXJA who used to post as ComancheGuy said his father was a cap dealer. He reported that early S-10 caps fit. I have an S-10 shortie cap on one of my MJs right now. It's a perfect fit. ComancheGuy said the height was slightly off, but the one I have is a commercial/utility type that's about 6" or 8" taller than the cab anyway, so it isn't an issue.

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Hi Eagle!

I'm the former ComancheGuy. Long time since those early NAXJA days.


My MJ has been in storage in Missouri for 3 years since I moved to DC for work. I'm driving it back here in 3 weeks at Christmas.


Regarding camper shells (toppers, caps, whatever they are called locally), Eagle has a great memory. Dimensionally, the shortbed MJ is the same length and width as an S-10 or Ranger. I ran a camper shell from an S-10 on my MJ for a while and it fit perfectly everywhere except the height was about 1/2" or 3/4" shorter than the back of the cab. Still looked fine though.


Some Toyota's have the same dimensions as well, although back at the time my family was in the industry Toyota had about 5-6 different variations in bed dimensions and we pretty much had to custom fit each camper shell to each truck. They varied in length by as much as an inch or two.


If you measure your truck for a shell, measure outside to outside width of the bed rails, then measure length from the front edge of the front bed lip to the back edge of the top of the tailgate.



Oddly enough, since this topic originally asked about Dakotas, the longbed Dakota camper was a perfect fit on fullsize Jeep pickups J-10, etc. My dad ran one on his 73 J-4000.

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Here are the exact measurements for the early S10 LWB bed vs. the MJ. The SWB specs are proportionally similar, 12" shorter. I ran an S10 cap for about six months until I found a regulation MJ cap. Fits well around the bed, but is about 3" lower than the MJ roof.


BTW, anyone need a nearly new LWB S10 A.R.E. cap for their MJ? (2nd pic)



Image Not Found

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