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Factory Original Bumper Finally Installed!

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Thanks to 64 Cheyenne, I got the correct brackets to install my factory original bumper. You can see the "before" bumper below. It came with the truck when I bought it from the PO, who bought it from the original owner. If you're in the Austin / Central Texas area and want this bumper, it's yours for $50. It's pretty stout, and I think the brackets can be straightened fairly easily.







And the new bumper... I got it from a donor at a local pick-n-pull. It was twisted lengthwise, so I took it to DC Bumper in San Antonio and they straightened it and refurbished it as well as primed it for $165.00. Then I got an autobody shop to repaint it for me. I repainted the plastic ends to it and the rubber/plastic add ons. I think it turned out pretty well (even though it's dusty in this pic.)


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