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NV3550 Question

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2001 cherokee, 2001+ wrangler.


EDIT: keep in mind wrangler trannies might require a little bit of floorboard "massaging" but others have been a ble to shoe-horn it in without any mods. and the shifter will be odd-length. but i suppose you could cut/tap it or buy a cherokee one.

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It was introduced mid-year, eh?

Dunno. As far as I know, all 2000 Wranglers had the NVG3550. Technically, all 2000 XJs with the 4.0L engine have it, too ... but they didn't actually build any of those until the last month of production, so there's really no such thing as a "mid-year change." My 2000 XJ 5-speed sat on order for about 7 months before the factory confirmed that they were going to build it. I think they were hoping I'd get tired of waiting and cancel.

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The 3550 is noisier than the BA 10/5 in my '88 XJ but not as noisy as the YJ AX-15 in my '88 MJ. But the 3550 shifts SOOOOOOOOOOO much smoother than either of the other trannies, and the first gear ratio is lower, which is nice for crawl ratio as well as street driving with larger tires. And the noise isn't objectionable -- at least for me. I know I'm driving a manual tranny and I don't expect it to be totally silent. The 3550 has a nice, comforting background whine in the lower gears that tells me that it's doing its job. I wish I could afford to put 3550s in all my XJs and MJs.

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