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Can't turn off my truck!!!

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I'm pretty sure my ignition tumbler is broken. The switch is stuck in the on position. I had to pull the coil wire to kill the engine and then disconnected the battery to kill the power. I can turn the key to start but I can't turn it to the off or locked position.


Assuming the problem is the tumbler, I'm gonna need to remove and replace it. Does it need to be in the lock position to be removed? If it does .... I'm screwed!!! I've tried everything short of beating it with a hammer to get it to turn to the off/locked position. Not happenin.


Again assuming the tumbler is the problem, I've already bought a new one and borrowed a puller kit from the parts store. Now all I need is a refresher course on how to do it. :dunce:




Thanks in advance.


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Pull the steering wheel.

Depress the spring plate with the proper tool.

remove horn plastic doo-dad.

Unscrew turn signal assy. (pull turn signal arm out first) move assy out of the way, no need to unplug it.

There should be one torx bolt that holds the cylinder in place, remove it and pull cylinder out.

Reverse to put back together.


It should really only take 10-15 minutes to do


I really think you have a locked up switch at the bottom of the column though. I would take the switch loose and see if you can turn the key off then.

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to replace the key cylinder, remove the steering wheel and the lockplate (I'd suggest you buy or rent the lockplate removal tool......you'll save yourself a ton of headache). Once the lockplate is removed, look for a small (5/16" or so) setscrew at about the 4 o'clock position inside the column. Remove said setscrew and the cylinder will slide out of the column. Install is reverse of removal :cheers:




edit: Jeff ^^^ ;) beat me to it......the setscrew could be a torx now that I think about it, it's been a long time since I replaced mine.

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It is a torx screw that holds the ignition key cylinder in the column. It does not have to be in the off position.


There is also a locking rod (runs along the top of the column and connects just under the edge of the bottom column shroud) that can become jammed and keep you from turning off the key.

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This happened to me last year, I ended up pulling the fuel pump relay in order to turn off the mj. This is an easy fix - you need to remove the key cylinder in your steering colum and replace it with a new one. Remove the horn cover in the steering wheel and remove the nut holdining it, you might need a steering wheel puller or not, in my case the steering wheel came off by just pulling it by hand. The horn assembly and turn signal cancelling switch can be a bit tricky to install - just pay attention the way you take it off so you can put it back up in the same way and order you remove it. The key cylinder is held by a small screw, remove it and installed the new one - Make sure to mark the position of the steering wheel so you install it in the same place it was otherwise it won look centered. good luck.

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