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advantage to degrease an enging?

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:agree: ya what they said , also having a clean engine and engine compartment makes getting friends to help work on it easier and having all that grease ,oils ,fuel ,heat etc... on electrical wires can make the protective coating become mush and you really don't want that.

It's also important to clean off the engine befor working on it or a specific part of the engine to ensure no out side contaminants get in the engine and if you keep your engin clean on a regular basis it can make nasty trail fixes not as bad .

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...it's kind of like wiping your butt. You know it's going to get dirty again but you do it anyway.


Dirt and grease attract water. Dirt, grease and water cause corrosion, bearing wear, belt and hoses don't last as long. Dirt grease and water compromise electrical connections. It's harder to see parts, bolts, sensors under a layer of D,G & W.


Oh, and because it LOOKs good.

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A little prep beforehand. Bag your distributor, relay center (PDC), TPS. I usually don't but I won't recommend that YOU don't. Some folks get things TOO wet and have sensor or performance problems.


A good non aerosol degreaser/cleaner like Purple Power, Simple Green or even Dawn dishwashing soap. Key is: Cover the thing with "soap" and let it sit. Rinse it off with a garden hose, with a gun. Repeat. Rinse, Repeat. I like to let it all soak and start it before I rinse it off, then if I'm putting water anywhere I shouldn't be it'll let me know.


They (the Car Wash Police) won't let you use the car wash to clean your engine here anymore unless you're using Simple Green or something similar, no aerosol or nasty chemicals (like GUNK). Washing it at a car wash can get it cleaner, but you may "could" mess up sensors etc. with the high pressure gun.

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