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fuel injectors

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depends on what 4.0 for the renix you can use dodge neon injectors the last part of the part number is 703.

if you look on cherokee forum there a thread about what injectors are compatible with what. theres also a guy that sells the 703's for pretty cheap. i ordered 2 sets and put them in my mj and sons xj. the difference in the injectors is the old renix are single nozzle while the 703's are 4 nozzle, supposedly they have better spray pattern and better ionization.

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alot of people use stock 19lb 5.0 mustang injectors.on a side note i replaced my injetors one at time as they went out and even the stock borg warner injectors i got from advance auto has the newer style 4 hole nozzle.i'll be honest that aside from fixing a fuel leak,there was no increase in fuel economy or hp.it is cheaper to buy 8 ford motorsports than buy 6 new ones from advance auto.

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from what i read those do sound like my best bet and for the price their not bad.to get a discount should i tell them I'm off this sight or do i have to order it threw him?


I'm not sure if it works with the ebay auction, since it looks like they will already be cheaper. With the 10% discount I think I still paid close to $100. I would send him a message and ask him

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