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What did you get to spend $370 on today?

Sir Sam

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For me, a new hot water heater! Noticed some water down in the basement about 3 days ago, moved some dirty laundry that was on the floor that had soaked up a bunch of water, also saw that the baseboard was wet all back up to the wall behind the washer. Based on what was wet and its proximity to the washer and the washer water supply and drain I suspected that was where it came from. So I put the fan on it and turned on the dryer to dry it out(drier vents into the laundry room so its a handy way to help dry it out when needed).


Watched it for a day or two and noticed it was mostly dry now so I turned the fan off and left it at my not being able to figure out where it came from.


Took another look at it last night and noticed new water along the floor. Turned back on the fan and drier and did a load of clothes hoping to figure out where it was leaking from. Though it might be a leaky discharge hose - nope, maybe the overflow vent on the back of the washer - nope. Called it a night since it was late. This morning I came to the realization that it was my old water heater.


The old one was installed back in early '94, I replaced the heater elements in early 08, and I knew it was old even when I moved into my house in early 2006. I guess 16 years, almost 17, is not a bad run for a water heater.


I guess I'm lucky in that it started to leak a little and I caught it before it just burst in my basement. While I was replacing it I moved it over, this makes more sense because now I can use the hot and cold water taps that are plumbed for a washtub. Before there was no room for a washtub and for the washer door to open.


All said and done it could have been a lot worse and cost a lot more. It worked out nice because I had a helper, my dad was in town today(back from california) he and I were gonna do some wrenching on my latest Jeep today but I decided it was more important to try and figure out where this water was coming from first, good thing we did.







Most of the rust coloring was from the previous one, most of that is not new rust leakage.



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I need a new water heater myself. I talked to Alabma Power and they told me they would give me new one for free if I would switch from gas. My entire house has to be re plumbed before I get it tho (PO beat all the lines when they got kicked out.)

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Mine went out a few weeks ago. Since my house had been converted to a duplex in the 70s and back again 5 years ago, there were two water heaters. I had cut the output on the second one three years ago, capped it and turned the gas off. Rerouted the plumbing to that one and got $13 scrap metal for the old one.


Wonder how much life this one has left (from 1996).

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I'll be doing this as well, right after Christmas. Thanks for reminding me. :(




It's not TOO bad of a job, I made lots more work for myself in moving it over a few feet. I could have had it done in easily half the time if I had been leaving it in the same place.

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Be careful with those new style plastic drain valves, they like to break off after several years of being in the tank. Either that, or they shrink up at the threaded in part and start leaking. Ive had both happen to me, and repaired them many more times when I was working as an electrical and plumbing repair technician. Replaced a TON of water heaters too. Youre lucky to get that many years on an electric unit.... most of them, at least in my area, don't go more than 10 years, gas ones usually go 15-20. I plan on trying to afford a tankless unit when the time comes for my next one. Would be a nice upgrade! Looks like you did nice clean job of it too! Keep up the good work!

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