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'02 Grand Am GT 2 Dr seats in a Comanche (with pics)

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I've been keeping an eye out for a set of Cherokee/Comanche 2 dr bucket seats for my truck but haven't had any luck finding them. LKQ self serve had 50% off day and, while walking around, I came across a 2002 Grand Am GT 2 dr with leather seats. It took me quite a while to put them in but I think it was worth the effort.

I included a pic of the bracket and adapter assembly b/c that was the hardest thing to figure out. The trans hump in our floors is so large that I had to move the Grand Am seats up in order to close the doors. They sit 1.5" higher than the OE bench I removed.

If you look at the adapter bracket pic you'll see a Comanche base (bench) with a 2nd track added (benches have 1 adjuster track, buckets have 2), the C channel spacer scrounged from the Grand Am seat base, the steel adapter plates bolted to the Grand Am seats, and assorted nuts & washers used as spacers.

The new seats are light years ahead of the old bench :banana:



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Looks like someone needs to trade you some door panels.


Very true. Those door panels came off my '87 and they, in turn, came from the jy when I picked up a door for it. My '90 was factory radio delete so it came with the plain vinyl door panels with no speaker grilles. The burgundy Laredo door panels were an improvement but I am still on the hunt for a set of nice gray ones. The jy is all about luck and timing and, so far, I haven't managed to find a door panel donor.

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Nicely done!

:jump: Thanks. Any suggestions on a center console? Now that I've been driving her for a few days the lack of console is starting to become annoying. Obviously there's the 1st or 2nd gen Cherokee but I was wondering if anyone has done something else. I was thinking that I could leave the bench spec trim plate for the shifter/xfer case lever in place and butt a console up to it. Suggestions?

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I've had good luck with the vinyl/plastic dye on things like door panels and dash. just use an adhesion promoter before spraying. That would change your door panels to gray until you can find a pair. with a llittle creativity they can look custom by adding some small black and white details....

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