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  1. Just curious.. why replace studs from a Dana 30 wheel bearing? I know it'd be a good idea to put new ones in, just don't understand why the dana 30 ones are used. Are they necessary? Thanks
  2. So I finally got some pics and did work on the ole' MJ today. Pulled the seats, center console and dash. Was trying to get the carpet up to see how bad my floors were, but it started cooling off and the sun was going down. Next weekend if it's still available I'm going to check out a '94 XJ country 4.0 5 speed. It has a salvage title and I a plan on using every part off it I can for my HO swap, plus i'll be getting the 5 speed too. Pretty stoked, until next weekend, this is how she sits... The day I brought her home: Today: Seats out: Center console out: Dash out: And while I'm at it... my little bros XJ, he's in it for $500, still be added is his AALs and Thunderbird springs, hoping to net about 3.5-4"
  3. I will try to get some this weekend. I work 2nd shift and live in town and the Comanche is at my parents place. Really only time I'll have to work on it is the weekends.
  4. Don't think it's anything special. Just a Pioneer. No rollbar, cargo light. I don't plan on wheeling it hard, just driving the crap out of it. I plan on making it a reliable DD that'll handle light towing, a little mud, and some snow in the winter. I bought it before he was gonna scrap it. The only reason I plan on switching it to HO injection is beacuse the current Renix injection is FUBARed plus missing all of the vacuum lines. I have a local JY that cuts me awesome deals on parts and they have several XJs that I can rob of wiring harnesses and such. I'd honestly like to make it a 5spd someday, but that'll only happen if I blow up the tranny in it. It's my first time around, i'll take it as it comes.
  5. After not being in the seat of a Jeep, especially a Comanche, I had to find another. After a couple of months of searching, I thought I had found the one. It was a 1991 Comanche 4.0 Auto 4wd for $900 that needed to be put back together after talking to the guy he had it for 5 or 6 years and it's just sat in pieces. I drove an hour and half and I find a 1990 Comanche 4.0 Auto 4wd. Not was I was looking for at all. But I figured it'd be a good starting point. Pros: $500 Original buckets ' Vent windows Dual exhaust Hitch Only rust I seen was on drivers floor Cons: Although not rusty the body has some nice dents The "NEW" motor he had installed sat for years with no oil and was locked up Needs new rear bumper Needs complete front end: doors forward I'm very optimistic when it comes to project vehicles I am very optimistic and sometimes only see the end result. Here goes my end result: HO injection New Paint 4.5" lift 32s Then I plan on beating the crap out of it!! I'll get pics up soon. I know you guys love pics. Devin
  6. Wish you were closer. Been looking for a Comanche close to me. Can't find a decent one. GLWS.
  7. Have Renix full guages. All guages work. 2 of the 6 tabs are broken. Like to do $50 shipped. RE lift shackles for an XJ 1 1/2" lift. $45 shipped. Sorry guys no paypal. call/text 636-358-0839 if your interested. Thanks Devin
  8. where do you live? maybe we can meet halfway or something. i know i'm never going to use it again....
  9. interested in the pdf with the bracket measurements. my rear bumper is rusted to all he**, might as well replace it with something that's going to last awhile.
  10. I can get pics, I posted this at work and will get pics later tonight and post them. Devin
  11. Exactly as the title says. Black MJ buckets, no brackets, slight wear on drivers side, would prefer local pick up but ill also entertain shipping on buyers dime. Just looking for $50 fo the pair. Let me know, call/text 636-358-0839 Thanks Devin
  12. have a pair of black buckets i'd love these for, if i earn a couple extra bills somewhere def be interested.
  13. Thanks, and i forget how hard it is to strip stuff and get it ready for paint. We have a parts cleaner and sandblaster here in the shop. I love them both, saves a lot of time. Devin
  14. i'm assuming you guys sell the blackjack? i'll head over to the site right now and check it 'em out Thanks Devin
  15. I've tried looking around for an aftermarket header for my 88 MJ, I'm getting an extra motor and would like to put a header on it before i swap it in. Any help would be great. Thanks CC Devin
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