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No, not real estate...


I assume that every 4th C.C. poster is either in the witness protection program or deeply ashamed of where they live. They won't even post a state of residence, let alone a location. Then they come on A) wanting parts B) whinning about no parts near them C) A&B.


Just something I noticed.



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I can't think of why you wouldn't put your location,the local guys in your area can't help you if they don't know your there.


Also knowing the geographic location helps when people ask opinions on stuff,its about as bad as when someone post and doesn't include thier truck specs.



"Hello I live on earth and my jeep is broken,can you tell me what's wrong with it and a good local place to buy parts?"

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I also like when people put their age, which is a bit more of an embarrassing subject than location, but it's nice to know...at least for me.


I can usually tell someone's age by what they post and how they post it.


IE, mature, immature, crybaby.

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