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An even dozen


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Drug home my 12th MJ tonite. 1986, 2.5, 5speed, 4WD. Rubbing it in on the 'rustbelt boys' It did have rust, surface only, about the size of a playing card on the transmission hump. A small dent on the left rear fender well. 190K on the clock. $400.

When well the madness end? Grabbing every MJ in sight? Hoarding them in the backyard. Guarding them like a mother hen with her chicks.

A. When runs out of MJ'S

B. Runs out of money.

You get one guess.

Been a good subject for a poll, if it worked.

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so my ? is how many of the 12 run? if not all do it may be hard to take that pick lol good find...or find's?




1, Complete and running. My DD

9, Complete and running, except no batteries in them.

1, Complete, Runs, steering linkage broke.

1, Complete, Doesn't run, haven't check into it yet, Turns over and fires but doesn't run.

Can we see a pic of them all lined up Jim?


Rob L.



I'd settle for a shot of the new one. :dunno:

That I can do

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I suppose when we have our first Annual Comanche Roundup it will have to be at your place since you won't be able to move all those trucks. :bowdown: Although, it would be pretty damn cool to see you rolling up in a full size, 12 vehicle big rig car hauler. :jump:

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