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at junk yard now

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What year Cherokee? In general, if it's a 4.0L with a 5-speed it's 3.07 and if it's a 4.0L with automatic it's 3.55. There just isn't much variation with the I-6s. The 4-bangers had more variations, but by around 92 (or so) Chrysler had pretty much standardized on 4.10 for all 4-cylinder XJs, regardless of transmission.

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I attempted to pull the cover at the JY but I didn't have a wide enough flat head to pry the cover off without harming the seal. Plus it has a ton of clue sealant on it and I don't want to have to reseal it right now. I got the VIN I'm going to email Chrysler right now and see what they say. I'm getting the rear tomorrow morning to match, unless somehow this axle is 3.07 ratio, then no use in getting the rear.

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It's pretty much impossible to pull the cover with the axle in the truck and not lose all the fluid.


Pulling the cover is no big deal. It's not some magical expensive seal to put it back on. It's RTV. Just pull the cover and verify what the ratio is .


Sending the VIN to Chrysler doesn't mean squat. Assuming it's a ratio because of motor/trans is also never for-sure, as any PO could have easily regeared or put different axles in.

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why would I drain the oil out?

To change it! Who knows how old and nasty that gear oil may be. Just pull the cover, get the ratio, reseal with RTV, and fill with fresh gear oil. Should be no need to pry on the cover, just hit it sideways with a rubber mallet, or hammer and block of wood. This will break the seal without damaging the sealing surfaces. Just keep a bolt in the top of the cover (pretty loose) to keep it from flying off making a mess.

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DJHS Dana M30/181MM Front Axle

DMDS 3.55 Rear Axle Ratio

DRJS 175MM Rear Axle



here's what Chrysler said. I'm not sure what it all means, maybe yall can explain.

It means they don't know what you have. The D30 ring gear is smaller than the D35, D44, Mopar 8-1/4, OR the AMC Model 20.


181mm = 7.126" ... which sounds about right for the D30


175mm = 6.890" ... Ummmm, don't think so.

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