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need help on choice of tires...updated ...i got them!

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ok, i ordered a new ravine rim, (mine was bent)...$91.00 free shipping. i looked for hours at a huge junkyard-warehouse in my area. there were litterally hundreds of rims...but not mine..oh well....

i really want a agressive looking 30x9.5xr15 but i can't find them anywhere...well name brand ones..so i will settle for 31x10.5xr15 if i have to....

i looked at walmarts, sams clubs, etc...

I'm looking to spent $125.00 per tire....or less

anyone got link or suggestions on what ones i should get?

any help will be appreciated.



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I've had some good experiences with Yokohama Geolander A/T-S tires. My GF has them on her '06 TJ and while they're not as aggressive looking as the BFG A/T, they're definitely a step above a normal looking tire like a Goodyear Wrangler GS-A or Michelin LTX. If I remember, I can snap a picture of her rims with the Geolanders - I think they look pretty slick. She has them on a set of Ravine rims, too, except her TJ is the Golden Eagle edition so the Ravines are painted gold from the factory :D

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ive allways liked the http://www.sumitomotire.com/trucks/products/HTRSport/HTR_all_terrain.aspx they look nice but mine are pirelli scorpion atr. they guy at the tire store said they would be great for my truck cuz there a very hard tire. they ride quit and i take them off road alot and like the way they handle there 2


and they just look nice

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