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My New free MJ


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Well I kinda have a good jeeping story to tell you all.


One day 2 weeks ago a guy at work approached me and asked me " you still messing with Jeeps?" Of course I said " Yeah and why?" Well he proceedes to tell me that he has a Comanche that he wants gone. So a few days later I go and look at it.


well I brought it home today..





It is an 87 MJ 2wd Short bed. It has factory buckets, and sliding glass window. The motor runs good, but has an exhaust leak. It also has a weak clutch (think slave cylinder is bad) and the brakes are weak.



The best part about this is it was absolutely FREE :D [-] -= Plans for it right now...is to get the get it inspected, throw a cheapo paint job on it, and convert it to 4wd :D



Here is a pic of it after it was pressure washed and cleaned up a lil



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Sure will next time I go outside.. it is stupid hot. I got this rig from the original owner, and nothing has been changed from stock.. so it is what it is.


I thought the option package was a touch weird on it... bucket seats, sliding rear window, ruber floor mat. Then you have the decal package. Also the fact that the paint is mostly intact is odd as well.

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Well sorry I havent been on here in months.. Life has been hectic since I returned to work. I have had one 40 hr week since my return. The rest have been in excess of 50 hrs with most weeks being 60hrs.


And I have been around.. look in the DIY section and you wil see a bumper build I did :smart:

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Just kidding with ya :D


I know you've been around.


Yea, I'm doing 60's the past couple weeks.......but still find a little extra time to drop in here :D


(even if I do fall asleep in front of the screen some nights :roll: )



Still a nice score for ya Ping :yes:

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i'm guessing they are dealer installed decals.



I don't know, might be. I know I am going to go by a sticker place and have them remake them before I go and paint the truck... that way I can keep it original looking. I think the graphics look good on it

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