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JY find

Comanche County

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Found this little gem yesterday. The JY owner wouldn't sell it whole so I told him I may have to 'Johnny Cash' it.


The bed, tailgate, and rear bumper are perfect. I plan to get the whole bed as well as the blue interior.


Then I finally found something I've been wanting for the MJ for a while - XJ leather seats from a 2-door limited. But the seats were toasted, I may get them to recover anyway.






Its right next to the 2 door limited XJ.




Here's the seats, gunky looking now but I see potential.



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I'm jealous! I have been looking for a rear bumper for quite some time and am always on the lookout for the 2dr XJ seats so I don't have to slide around on my vinyl bench. You have a good find.

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This is the Factory Bumper and it was either Painted Or Chrome...


And according to my Mopar Factory Parts manual there was only one other factory optioned rear bumper and it was a Tube Bumper which I think are rare to see...


This is the only aftermarket Replacement rear bumper available that I know of and it is painted or chrome...


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  • 3 months later...

I'm going to Jeep Hell! :fs1:


I didn't grab that bumper because it was 110 degrees when I found that MJ. I went back last week to get it.......(you know what's coming) because it's a lot cooler now...


and they crushed it of course. I had a specific conversation with the JY owner about the MJ and told him I would buy practically everything on it but I guess it didn't work,,,,The bed was perfect too.


I'm sorry guys. Let the flogging commence.

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I think we should start a 'Post Vigilante committee' Every time a MJ shows up in a JY we put on greasy coveralls, face masks, with a Jeep logo and go find the moron that sold it. Then we surgically nueter their *ss, tar an feather them, and then hang them from a telephone pole, or overpass. Same treatment for uncooperative JY owners. Just a thought. soapbox.gif

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while i don't agree with everything you stated above....it would be funny to dress in that manner and just go completely strip the jeep, pay for it all and leave without saying a word the whole time to anybody. it would probably freak some people out as well. :rotf:

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i was at one of the local junk yards in dayton ohio last week and found this


i forgot to get the vin but i thought to post the pics


heck they evin had this little gem



the yard it

Affordable Auto Parts

5940 W 3rd St

Dayton, OH 45417-8453

(937) 263-2516

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