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your Jeep budget :)

Because itll never stop after that.


You might not have to change much but 3 inches is really a border for having to change items.

You will really want longer brake lines, But other than that and what the kit should come with you may be okay. The kit should at least come with the needed things but look for some new LCAs and a trac bar relocater bracket because it needs to be relocated at the axle end.

The rear brake proportioning valve lever will need to be modified too. search for that on here , ive seen it posted a few times.

I can't think of much else but I'm sure someone else will chime in.

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what all do I have 2 change if I put 3" of lift on my mj



If you're on a tight budget, sticking with a 2" lift will allow you to retain most of your current parts. Basically you'll need spacers up front and an AAL out back and that's it. With 3", you're starting to change the geometry of the system to the point where more and more stock parts are too short.

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Sorry, I didn't mean to hijack the thread. Will a ba10/5 survive 31s with light duty wheeling little baby mud puddles and various trails?


I blew up my BA10 with 31's. On the street, however, it gave up the ghost when I dropped the clutch in 3rd with 4.56's. :doh:

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Does anyone have an opinion on the best shocks for the money



Best advice I can give is don't buy the cheapest ones. Middle of the road is way better. Something gas-charged would be nice. :cheers:

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