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  1. Time to get rid of the dreaded cab corner/rocker panel rust and replace it with some real metal. What is goin in And the right side is finished :thumbsup:
  2. As it looks now after I rinsed the winter salt off
  3. I haven't been on in while. But that doesn't mean that the mj hasn't been worked on. It now has the 99 front end and doors on it with a working power drivers window! wooooo! And the other day my brother discovered that it has a d44 out of a cherokee in the rear. That means when I can afford tires they will be 33's not 32's. Next step is to finish trimming the bedsides
  4. I just replaced the tank in my 4.0 mj. The tray just helps provide fuel at all times. I wouldn't think it was $100 more though
  5. I have checked it but I will check it again. My problem doesn't release the torque converter, it downshifts. When i drive at 55 and tap the brake it only goes to around 1900rpm. My problem goes to around 2100 or 2200rpm
  6. The fuse isnt blown and the light lights up
  7. I have tried both power and comfort mode. It does the same thing
  8. For some reason my trans wants to randomly come out of overdrive when I am driving down the road. It doesn't do it as much when I slowly accelerate at around 55mph, but when I maintain 55mph it was to pop back into 3rd for about half a second and then right back. It isn't consistent either. Has anyone else had problems like this?
  9. So since i don't have much of a budget right now, it doesn't seem like a good idea. Maybe someday :brows:
  10. just interested in what people think about stroking a 4.0?
  11. I am planning on putting a HO stroker in the mj, and I was just wondering what people who already have one are getting for gas mileage
  12. yep. the clip at the end of my throttle cable decided to break in half and not let my throttle body completely close :dunno: i am relieved
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